Curb Stomp City Decals

Your #1 source for wrestling figure decals!

Welcome to Curb Stomp City Custom Decals. Your number one place on obtaining wrestling decals for your custom wrestling action figures and accessories. We make high-quality waterslide decals. The images are printed on these types of paper that will give you a unique experience when applying them. For new beginners, there are video tutorials on our Facebook Page that can help guide you when applying waterslide decals.  Wrestling figures that are modeled in the decal catalog are not for sale. If you have any questions or comments please reach out to me either on Facebook, Instagram or email.

Discounts for when you purchase:

$20-$29.99- You get 7% off your final total

$30-$39.99- You get 10% off your final total

$40-49.99- You get 20% off your final total

$50 or more- You get 25% off your final total